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Massage Therapy

Our certified massage therapists will combine their experience and techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Trigger Point therapy to provide relaxation, increased circulation, energy renewal and an overall feeling of health and wellness. Please inform your therapist of any specific areas to focus on during your session. Remember, if you request extra work in one area, your massage therapist will not be able to do a full body massage. If you have any medical conditions contradictory to massage, please inform your therapist.  If at any point the pressure is light or too deep, please communicate that with your therapist during the massage.


back massage

Tailored Massage

The Spa House Tailored Massage is perfectly designed and customized to fit your needs.  Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Trigger Point Therapy are some of the modalities utilized in these massages. This massage can also be tailored for Pregnancy (Prenatal/Postnatal) therapies.
30 Minute | 60 Minute | 90 Minute


hot stone massageHot Stone Massage

This traditional therapy eases the mind and body, by combining the placement and usage of gently heated stones to warm your muscles, relieve stress, and promote a relaxed state. Heated stones are used, placed along the body and a coordinating massage is performed, to release muscle tension.
60 Minute | 90 Minute


Couples Massage

couples massageThis therapeutic getaway allows yourself and your partner to enjoy tailored massages together, on two separate beds in a private room. A Couples massage is a great way to introduce a partner who has never gotten a massage before in a way that makes them feel more comfortable the first time. It is also a great way to spend a little girl time or mother/daughter time together.
60 Minute | 90 Minute



aromatherapy and essential oils

Massage Add-ons


Essential oils, pressed from flowers and herbs, are added to your Tailored Massage to enhance the benefits and relaxation that you receive.


Scalp Massage Therapy

A deeply relaxing treatment for those who experience headaches, migraines, or hold extra tension in neck and head. With scalp massage being a simple complementary technique that involves kneading soft tissues in the body, it can help stimulate the nerves and blood vessels beneath the skin while calming muscle tension around the head.  Therapists use their fingers to rub the base of the scalp beneath the hair, the sides of the head, and along the forehead.
10 Minutes
At The Spa House Day Spa, we offer a variety of massage, esthetic, and permanent makeup services.  We make it easy to eliminate stress, and look your best!



Massage Therapy
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